In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), recommendations are becoming increasingly inexplicit, one-sided and reliant on user history. Human preferences are fickle and situations even more diverse. But current recommendation systems cannot differentiate between searching for movies to watch with children and to watch with romantic partners.

At Mycelebs, we believe that AI recommendations should be a two-way communication, with AI adhering to unique preferences and contexts of each users. Our solution recommends products by breaking down speech into key informational phrases called KeyTalks, an AI-powered context-aware recommendation units.


KeyTalk is a proprietary search and exploration system that breaks down language into preferences and contexts using AI. It is a specialized tool to provide responsive contents by recognizing domain-specialized phrases based on public data such as images and reviews. KeyTalk systems pave away for a distinctive and diverse AI solutions for our customers and boast unique user experiences that allow customers to search for products by directly exploring preferences of other people.

KeyTalk systems provide the following benefits for our customers.

  1. 1 Enhanced Voice UX

    KeyTalks are designed to identify domain-specialized languages, including jargons and colloquial phrases. The learned phrases are then used to guide voice recognition in platforms like Baidu, Siri and Android to drastically increase recognition rates within provided services.

  2. 2 Context-aware recommendations

    Each KeyTalk is in essence a unique recommendation list based on time, place, and occasion contexts, providing users with access to thousands of unique descriptions tied to machine-learned recommendation lists.

  3. 3 Automatic updates

    Recommendation lists are automatically updated to reflect the most recent changes in public opinion. Users are provided with fresh and transparent recommendations that do not become stale over time.

    • Fast and Furious : Hobbs and Shaw
      • muscular
      • heroic
    • Avengers : Endgame
      • intensive
      • brave
    • John wick 3 : Parabellum
      • stylistic
      • intensive
    • Baby driver
      • anarchic
      • optimistic
    • The Magnificent Seven
      • diverse
      • cool
    • The Hitman's Bodyguard
      • effective
      • childish
    • Captain america : Civil War
      • conflicting
      • attractive
    • Kingsman : The Secret Service
      • purposeful
      • youthful
    • Logan
      • vulnerable
      • cruel
    • Deadpool
      • anti-heroic
      • sarcastic
    • Mad Max : Fury Road
      • animalistic
      • diverse
    • The Matrix Reloaded
      • slick
      • heroic
    • The Transporter
      • versatile
      • speedy
    • Skyfall
      • feasible
      • stylistic
    • Catch me if you can
      • oscar worthy
      • exotic
    • Ronin
      • conspicuous
      • diverse
    • Lucy
      • purposeful
      • monotone
    • Wanted
      • dorky
      • savage
    • Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation
      • super hot
      • lovable
    • Point break
      • talented cast
      • perky
    • The Dark Knight
      • idealistic
      • anarchic
    • Star wars : Episode V
      • optimistic
      • epic scale
    • Fast Five
      • purposeful
      • well defined
    • Bullitt
      • well cast
      • dimentional
    • death proof
      • heavily edited
      • paper-thin plot

Notable recognitions

  • AWS

    AWS global selected Mycelebs as a global best case for AI on July 2019, making Mycelebs Korea’s first company to be introduced on AWS global.


    Mycelebs had been invited on Nvidia’s 19-03 global AI summit as a best case for AI startups.


Prior Services

Mycelebs is a leading AI company that transformed the way recommendations are made around the world. Check out our prior services that range from cosmetics to news and movies.

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Mycelebs’s service, engine, know-how for data analysis and visualization are protected by applied patent, trademark,and designs with Ho Won Kim, the former Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Currently, MyCelebs has registered 7 patents for AI-based big data analysis, completed 104 applications, and preparing 10 applications.

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  • Kyle Doh
    Kyle Doh
    • McKinsey & Company, Digital strategist
    • 1st CDO(Chief Digital Officer) (CJ Group)
    • Executive Director, Alix Partners #1 corporate turnaround consultancy
    • Worked for Samsung, Hyundai and CJ Group
  • Gabriel Kang
    Gabriel Kang
    • Fingerplus Head of BD (Established a joint venture with SBS)
    • GS-Caltex Corporation, Brand Management
  • Emma Kim
    Emma Kim
    • Sigma Delta Technologies
    • Beiersdorf, Brand Manager
    • Nivea etc.
  • James Shin
    James Shin
    Data Modeling
    • General Executive of CJ Group Big Data Center
    • Project Manager of Daum Soft Strategy Management Department
    • McKinsey External Specialist
  • HwanWook Noh
    HwanWook Noh
    IPR Management
    • Patent attorney
    • Worked at Wisenut, AI-basis search engine corporation

+ 40 data technicians